Screen Recorder

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Screen Recorder is a tool which helps you to record or capture the output of your computer screen. The interesting part of the screen recorder is, it helps you to capture the video of the screen simultaneously with audio. I.e. Screen Recorder tool enables you to capture both video and audio outputs of your computer simultaneously.

What is a Screen Recorder?
Screen Recorder is an electronic device or an electronic tool which enables you to capture both the video and audio outputs of your computer. Screen recorder tool helps you to prepare the presentations which require both video and audio. By doing so it saves a lot of time and money. Here we are providing a free Screen recorder tool, which helps you to capture the video and audio of your screens simultaneously.

Download Your Free Screen Recorder

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Advantages of our Screen Recorder:

  • A genuine and advanced Screen Recorder.
  • A Virus free Screen recorder which keeps your devices safe.
  • We are offering the Screen Recorder with latest version.
  • A Screen Recorder that supports all formats and platforms.
  • A Screen Recorder tool which is very easy to understand.
  • User-friendly Screen Recorder.
  • Last but not the least we are providing it for Free.

How to Download a Free Screen Recorder Online?

It is very simple process to download the free screen recorder tool online, visit our website, and click on the download button to download the free screen recorder tool.

What Formats does the Screen Recorder Tool Support?

The free screen recorder we are providing enables you to capture the audio and video of computer and turns them into a high definition quality videos and audios. These high quality formats include MP4, AVI, and FLV etc.

A Brief Detail on Screen Recorder Performance:

We are providing a best in performance and user friendly Screen recorder. The performance completely depends on the way you use it.

Screen Recorder User Interface:

The free screen recorder we providing is best in class and a user friendly one, you can switch to any mode with simple tips.

What are Hot Keys?

As we said earlier, that our free screen recorder is a user friendly one, we are providing very easy to use Start button, Pause Button etc which can be used by anyone very easily.

Who can use Screen Recorder Tool?

Anyone can use this tool, because we are offering it for free. Depending on the requirement and use all age groups can use this screen recorder tool.

How to Customize the Clips after Settings?

Whatever recordings you make by using this Screen recorder you can customize the video and audio of the recording. You can add or edit or delete whatever you want it can be done by this Screen Recorder.

How the Screen Recorder does make my Clips Unique?

The interesting part about our Screen recorder is whatever the recordings or videos you make through our screen recorder, it enables you to add or some pictures related to the video, text and you can make it unique by adding a water mark.

How to Use a Screen Recorder?

If it is the first time for you to use a screen recorder in that case no need to worry about because our free screen recorder tool is user-friendly screen recorder and most importantly while you download the screen recorder we are also providing the user manual if you want you can download it to for free and some demo videos about screen recorder.

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