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A Cookie is a file containing a small piece of data which identifies the user that is sent by the web server to a web browser and stored on the user computer. Such identifier is sent back to the web server each time when the user browses the website. Cookies may be session cookies or persistent cookies. The difference between the persistent cookies and the session cookies is the cookie which expires as and when the user closes the website whereas the persistent cookies remain valid in the user computer until the user deletes it. Cookies do not contain any such information that personally identifies the user. Cookies sent by the web servers can be used to identify and track the traffic of the users to the website.

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We use session cookies on our website because it helps us to analyze the use of the website and to target the advertisements of user’s interest.

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  • We use Stat counter Analytics to analyze the use of our website.
  • Our analytics service provider sends our website statistics and the other information related to the website by means of cookies.
  • The information which is sent by the analytics provider is used create the reports on the use of our website.

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Our website also uses third party cookies i.e. we promote Google Adsense interest-based advertisements on our website. To understand your interest Google will track your behavior on our website and also other websites across the web using the double click cookie. This user behavior tracking enables Google to determine the advertisements you see on the other websites to follow your interests.

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